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Aims of the Society

The Austrian Geophysical Society (AGS) – was founded on April 7th 2008 by Rudolf Michlmayr und Marc-Andreas Merz.

The aims of the society are as follows:

  • Increase and disseminate geophysical knowledge in research, academia and application in order to raise the added value of geophysics, and in particular to support Austria’s role as a research and business location and local market participants.
  • Establish and support networking activities between contacts within the field of geophysics and research, academia, economy, territorial authorities and society as a whole.
  • Raise public awareness for the role of geophysics.
  • Provide means of information distribution to disseminate findings and experience in geophysics to a qualified community.
  • The activities of the society are not targeted towards profit or other economic gains. All incomes will be used in accordance with the society’s aims.


There are 127 members as of July 2015.

Austria:   118
Germany:   2
Namibia:   2
Egypt:   1
Norway:   1
Sweden:   1
Czech Republic:   1
UK:   1

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The membership fee for ordinary members amounts to € 30, for students (age < 28 during the actual year) € 15.

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