After three successful years the first phase of AlpArray Austria will officially come to its end 2017/2018. Since the middle of 2015 the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (University of Vienna) operates thirty highly sensitive seismic broadband sensors in Austria and Slovakia and provides an important contribution to the international AlpArray initiative. Throughout the recent years, researchers have used the seismic stations to register earthquakes from all around the globe and for example were able to image the structure of the Vienna basin in unprecedented detail, detect nuclear test or analyzed in detail the seismic vibrations caused by trains. The data are also useful for the timely analysis of earthquakes in Austria. For that purpose the data are transmitted in near-real-time to the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics.

The more so we are happy about the news from the Austrian science fund. FWF: The second phase of AlpArray Austria will be funded!  This clearly emphasizes the importance of the project for geosciences in Austria.
This way the better coverage of the eastern Alps within the AlpArray network will be secured for three more years and scientists will be able to advance our knowledge of processes on and below the Alps.