Geophysikalische Landesaufnahme

Acquiring the geophysical properties of the ground in full coverage is of particular economic importance, seeing as large reservoirs and deposits are clearly discernible on geophysical maps. They stand out from the rest of the ground due to their unusual density or inherent magnetic field, hence geophysical methods can be employed to detect them and estimate their extent.

Such surveys can be conducted from the air (aeromagnetics) or from the ground using the full spectrum of available methods. For example, each year the local magnetic field is compared at 14 points across Austria, which serves the mapping of the magnetic declination. Every 20 – 30 years a comprehensive magnetic survey takes place across the entire country at over 300 measurement points. The latest such assessment took place between 1995 and 1998 and was conducted by ZAMG (Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics).

Acquired borehole data are also incorporated into the geophysical mapping of the country currently conducted be the Geological Survey (GBA).