Conrad Observatorium
Magnetic measurements at Conrad Observatorium. © Lammerhuber

Continuous observation of the geophysical environment provides the basis for understanding the processes inside the Earth and in the higher atmosphere.

With the help of geophysics, which encompasses seismology, gravimetry and magnetics, even the smallest deformations of the Earth’s body due to plate tectonics or tremors as well as the temporary developments of the magnetic field can be monitored at the highest accuracy. These data are evaluated by international research institutes together with information from other observatories worldwide, providing a global image of the physical properties of our planet.

Information about the state of the Earth’s magnetic filed, which protects us from solar winds, and the deformations of the Earth’s crust can be derived. The latter are expressed through earthquakes, while temporal variations in the magnetic field are capable of disrupting power grids.

Despite not being able to predict earthquakes and to prevent solar storms, we are able to counteract their effect on infrastructure by fully understanding the process and taking measures to adjust buildings or to protect power grids accordingly.
Austria’s geophysical observatory – the Conrad Observatory – is located in Lower Austria.

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